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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  August 18, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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low sodium tomato sauce our church movement sodium as much is as possible the meaning of those over year. >> we put poor person actually offers all-natural herbs.) return or flavor? >> it sure does we had to workri put it in everything is supposed to be very healthy for him insert for your blood pressure. a little bit of early care. we
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to do anything artificial. we just started all of it comes up very beautiful color. vegetables inol your talk ozark writers that? >> great. the kids always thought you were blown up find your cell phone? >> a variety of independent realtor's grocery outlets miles farmers grocery outlet. state meetsy very happy to announce we are in all to all 20 coming to chicago stores. we load this on the shelves? >> we will let them simmer for about ten minutes. >> not on on this show. >> i have oneth already. what e will do is turn that aren't we
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we can do taco salad. look at that. i love that. it is a very healthy way to eat it. the first time i had tacos solid was in wyoming caps and thought they were crazy. >> i like to actually put in the avocado. >> i see you have a cutting i am like this idea until t you can corn chips. >> yes it makes a great appetizer. >> did you make this today or yesterday? don't, those are nt posted post posted if they are real. do you like this? .-dot on number two of you don't neednu to add thins that we don't know what they are. these are tacos we put a little cheese in them. whatever
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lettuce wraps it depends on if you're watching yourds carbs are not. it sure you you're doing an appearance? >> we are doing a sample a demonstration this friday at the pepper pepper pike storefront 27 and then saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. >> reset is that your picture? like that it is a beautifular thing. >> we have mild medium and hop flavors this ?-ellipsis do you cilantro this is the cilantro garlic in linedo. >> is also. >> speaking of heart this is your a sister assistant over here. >> this? this is my husband a little round of applause for the man who made it all positive he
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called the original beat's also check it out and stuff i can see it may have a very special introduction. girls likesp to t stressed out because every girl and here is to miss at least three times (that's what girls say that will truly been running around all day. drove every word he went to. all right. >> i've i have actually been running around. >> i like to think of. our goal of getting day literally. >> i think you nailed it. our next guest is one of the most sought after comedians and in the comedian world a performing this weekend. while come close to the u studio. good to have
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>> that was the only times i could claim part of my pasty. >> i had a feeling after talking in the first few minutes we got the one moment that was minute that was cleaned record source it's nice to see me then and now. you are italian they always age well. they are. >> i could argue with you in mentor a bunch of don't look good any more. it is good to i have you here. >> i have good posture this because my dad would always say stand up straight. >> it's good though.u doctors will probably be like not so much that way. >> welcome to will come to cleveland you need to sit up straight after your long flight
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errors. >> it was a straight shot but it was delayed in my back hurts but i am goodhu i just love our rouh life you knowou what i mean? >> it seems like a terrible life a spot on tv with the thing that is funny as you do all those this acting, but f your passion was always comedy me what i wanted to do as a kid i told k him. >> was he okay with that your daughtersur in the biz. >> christie it's his fault he would show me suffering clips of richard pryor and george carlins was one of his favorites know i do it because that's what he did, so it's his fault. >> so you want to went to school for it and then> so it's his fault.
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standup overacting everyone would just end up gettingng kicd out. >> what you want to school for acting for a year and i gave it up. >> areas kids in are in school right now so they can't hear me. >> if you stay home are walking in the imams and the other room yet, get out. don't go. >> so you have been doing this for quite some time and very successful i'm have up your sleeves some crazy stories overtime are things that have happened to you. you've beenve with so many celebrities what is that life like? >> i'm doing the same thing you are right now. >> you are way cooler have had huge i've had you checks. it is funn with ten different places o
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know you were not there. >> where do you drop them becausee do you do comedic celebrating our singing would are singing what is that? >> i don't do that a while ago i had an alter ego rob, my pet u. >> with the kind of what i'm your list ofi' time your list of things on wikipedia say that sometimes that is what i like to double checks are youu did one thing? >> you did one thing and now people are like your wrapper? >> no. what will people say when they come outwi it will be dirty. not dirty but i do say
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you see him all over the place he has a lot going on he will be thereea tonight through saturday at polarities. we have expo expo coming out next week and then i have another special coming up. >> so you are a big deal i was looking at your twitter account you have a lot of followerswi being here hopefully not one of is been checking out our psyches stuff we were get into that after tu the break do you cook becauseu you are a giant? >> or no. no-no. >> we will let it get some rest we note you perform tonight we will be back after the short
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will come back if you are planning for retirement,k they can be overwhelming at times today we're separatingin fact fm fiction here. i love that when we it when we played this gameo and there are so many places you can go to to getac what you need we are finding that out before we came on to enter. fact or fiction annuities or when people got older. >> the biggest growth in this
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40 kilovolts my normal client would be 50 to 70 you can startk the top products up to the age of 808 actually covers all features the biggest part of that industry is 30 ?- four -year-olddu. >> something i need. to look ino something have not even thought about but it's probably never too soon. >> the earlier you start the better for 30 and 40 years old basically in the general way so that market than 20 awakens at the market doesn't want these anymore you are protected from when the market goes down that isd why they are flourishing throughout the countryhy with their four o one kays. if it is a previous employers in the role of over 59 and a half with the
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>> if i run out of moneyye in retirement. >> i'm pretty sure we can go with fiction on this that is why they're so it is so important to have themis you will get your social security check with the second stream of a second stream of income coming in. your own fact or fiction ?- this is what my the but my money in a fixed-y income annuity it will stay there and i can't touch it if you touch them after the age of 59 and a half. butm there ae misconceptions of an annuity i put it iny a vault and never see it again. >> you can get. it up earlier?
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and a half it is for retirement no matter what whenever you started itat is for retirement o what you get into retirement your checking out withdrawals or which also trending in the lifetime income o. >> i like this because there are a lot of people out there and resources when it comes to yourt client different finances. fact or fiction ?- in businesss and with an a+ ready waiting and zero complaint >> yes that would be the fact of something we're very proud of. a plus for 17 years that must mean the fixed income annuities are doing what i say they are doing. >> and this is their life savings in almost every meeting i have people eventually get
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is very important for me to take care of. someone saves up 70 gran or 500 grant or 500 families looked at the same thing ?- this is all the money i have. checking out your facts with this guy dave has a special offer for you today if you call and the next 30 minutes. thank
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will come back to new day. if you like homemadei italian food, this may be the place for you.
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>> i found the place that i think started about two years ago.t the store is short for an alanine are just alanine are just like terminator.r. >> it's a beautiful building that looks like a house. i could not quite figure out what this was colors you built it from the bottom-up. >> you come coming here to a fantastic italian restaurant it take to put it together? >> it took about a year to the place. >> when you start looking around looking at other place that has interesting items. real naturale maple hardwood with the concrete floors which is something you don't typically see in cleveland and well-organized nice the court. a rustic the core mostly italian cuisine. >> what are these beings made out of? >> concrete. >> wants to bar made out of.
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look at any really admire the way it is put together you have a construction background or something? >> no i just have good common sense. n >> his got his beautiful daughters behind the love our hise entire family working here then i find out his son joe is such the chef how did you learn toef cook? >> he did some cooking in columbus and a couple of different places theyof moved up to management then was running placesn in columbus then of got our heads together i have a little historyge of food so we kind of got our heads together and built this place your. >> i have the food it was terrific i did not know anything about joe but i met am in the back in his tomato patch out there.n we will go back there and talked to joe a little bit and find out how this goes come together. >> i'm from the kitchen it is nice to have a brand-new kitchen
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give you one of these. in accordance with the tomatoes and the basal. >> you have doubts as you collectha going on with a few bn the thing cap today? >> today we had an eight egg eight plants see egg plant seed which promoteeii we make it in-house. fantastic. the grinder sandwiches three the meatballs on theiras meatballs topped with italian ground sausage as well. the provolone sandwich and pizza. >> my boy's arm and ryan were here not too long ago and when they came homepihe they add boxs the sandwiches had boxes the sandwiches were so bigs they are big sandwiches what do you have going on out there now? >> basil eggplant tomatoes i have growing the cherry tomatoes
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i have marigolds and what it might missing? peppers and mark. >> who's the boss here that is great. when are you guys open? >> monday through saturday them sunday it is a family day from 11:00 a.m. weekdays on the weekends a little bit later. >> the people who come here can go to the takeout areaa of beautiful coffee and a whole bunch of great desserts. >> it is locally roasteder we ao do espresso the desserts are cleveland products we try to stay as local as we cand .
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thank you. good to see you. >> the grill is on mayfield road in lindenhurst o and for ours jt check out their opinion everything you want to learn about them also,he the dad was e of the legendary waiters downtown he's got great stories for you to when he stops by. looking for somethinge to do t ideas that will be right on
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while come back to new day. coming up in sfr we are talking prabhakar to cook it in cracking
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>> i don't think they will like you about the art going to have it. >> and the largest military event in cleveland it isa one of the biggest in the country are correct when we will have all the information you will need to plan for your labor day weekendo and then jimmy malone there as you brought it up this can't blame me. >> ] good to see how's it going? >> i will call this me and you can save a lot of money it stands for hurt the you and your partner wife wife a lover or whatever you have the ring when you want to detect the heartbeat of your significant other it is tough on the ring and it will
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thef other person at david is doing his thing in la gifted check is his heartbeat here. and there is an app for that and everything the high-priced ones are $2,900 the others are 600 for the parent will parallels in the morning just call call your significant otheren if it means a their heart is beati. >> what happens if you touch it and you don't feel anythingou tt can happen that are not or not there's something happened to themr that would be terrible yu could probably have it made into the nose ring or an area whatever let your imagination
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is a good movie written by the same guya who wrote this movie t was a great movie. this one takes you down. to the old wes, but in modern times with hell r high water she's big. that's what she said. >> i would like to cold like to call close early on friday bank on thursday and you are free and clear. >> did you hear about these bank robberies? you make it off the rocking chair you there we go in
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the hardest day of the family farm. jeff bridges anda they ae texas rangers trying to stop at jeff bridges is on the eve of retirement because this is his last big deal eet to boss the criminals and find out what is going on hell or high water to save the ranch we got a chance to talk to these guys and beautiful austin, texas we sat down and talked about a really good movie. >> there is a storm is about the movie i find a th really appealing but the stillness is almost a character in this movie isn't it?
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it is unusual. >> tough to determine exactly who the villain as>. >> exactly. such a moving the trail of motivation with these characters that they have chosen to reach the needs they havehect that being the primary survival for families. >> jeff bridges and you think of is that the dude. > >> it is unbelievable. it is spread really does. he is terrific a lot of fun talking to the young guys in this thing too.iso it can't really told his supporters about famous. we went on to austin, texas music capital goodtime capitals of the united
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planning onst having fun. >> we are handling this year. we are you handling it in between interviews they are negotiating. putting new deals together having a good time thy look like 1944 in a suit and an accident put on your like the irish co w told me once out had out of face the money which i enjoy each other's company. >> that is not true. >> was a drunk when he did the
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party before the movie and they had a bar parent families so they did injuries during the movie it was a crazy night they had all the stars upon the stage. c tommy lee jones is in this moviees know it is not hiss not his and another one h that s in a lot of them i was just he was on the stage and somebody hollered push them offn with another gala it's hard to talk to the good times and bad guys are. hopefully it is a
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it is not about freedom and all. >> thank you. a word this month we will to catch these guys. porcelain know. there is still a hunk of the old west and it and that's what makes it happen. all old muscle always fun to see you guys.ol now we know what is in the blue cup k a terrible job hanging out there. yes so i took a break with a lot of them
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very good movies and then this one is out this weekend or two. three good movies. thank you. that was fun. when we come back, everything you need to know about crabs how to cook it and crack up in season and enjoy it to me if you are lucky i will jump in on this thing.
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will come back to new day. grammy award winning artist see lotus bringing us into precursor to the hard rock proxy nowbr the stage on tuesday the 30th. >> club is not only deli but not as difficult as you might think to eat it here to show us how to get the job done as the manager of a pop star in parma. >> i'm very excited to be here. i cannot tell you ?- this is just a simple joys of life that i have the seeing a piece of crowd played out like that contact in mint condition it is very difficultkt to get it to lk like that i think maybe she will help us do ah bit better than
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doing. absolutely. like you said cracking crothers a lot of fun but unfortunately a lot of large us are intimidated to order because they don't know how to gettre the delicious meat out just like that. you brought is three different types today? >> theseto are the three differt kinds red lobster carrieshe durg crab fest the first will be our wildcard alaskan king crab this is the you can tell by its size. >> are the hardest a car? they are thick. >> they are very thick you can tell by the size of the show.a lot of times wesi will actually split peas (guess in the back so it's easier to get them eat out next we have the snow crab this is your most common type when you see, this is what you are
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large clusters as you can see as well as the snow is white melu d them back by popular demand a ts is wildcard off the coast of alaska very similar in appearance to the snow crab a little bit largernn with the sweeter flavor and a delicate texture to it. >> do you cook all three the same way? hers each going to first each going to be different? e wise it will take y it. all of our crabs we do that.. you have a decent sized pot of water in there. we use we use lobster and crab in that restaurant you
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it's pretty simple five minutes boil it is ready to. >> we always have a bunch of tools from so what is the best technique? >> first reaches our type of crap that we have our paradise crab with tools like you said. we have our crab crackersw this is only going to be is for the crab action. a lot of people use them for your legs to cause the toughest partse of the shell you will definitely need this for that.s then you have the cocktail fork and this is what you used to get inside hopefully the meat will slide right out of if it does not you will notice.
10:45 am
us but sometimes i feel it's the only resort we have the the number one is to follow, part so then you twist and pull it apart this is actually what a cocktail fork is used where there is delicious meat a maps it is actually some of the sweeter part of the crap you can get in th me snow problem is known for you may see if i do with the we're going to do it. >> venue then there the new been there is a jointnt, crab like blend it back and forth important part a they it was in attendance, it will loosen not meet up in the leg and will be easier to get out for you you don't need your crab cracker he
10:46 am
that's how i was taught to do it if you spend it forward and send it forward and back just a little y ?- and these are thick legs they are thick legs. that is the have to squeeze it to slide it up? no. look at this guy. that is awesome. so, do you end up using any of what is appear? >> you can. absolutely. then show us will quick how to do the crab it. one is the crb fest? >> a limited time for a beard is ending soon, soed we ask you coe out and visit us about us to and that is to the cooking for you. we will crack for you as well if you are learning that is somethinglk we do a lot of tims to help like us to help them out. so ?-to just pull it apart the sameus way you want to remoe
10:47 am
crab hours. if you don't want to do it at home, and you can always go to red lobster and always great bay biscuits. thank you for having me i will continue to crack these here. then i will send it to you. >> northeast ohio's largest military's event and labor day tradition we are talking about the cleveland outdoor national airshow. we are talking to the national directork howery. >> i'm great. >> how many years since this from going on? >> that goes it goes back to the
10:48 am
for two decades at hopkins international airport the current began in 1964 and around for over 50 years. >> what is the difference between what we know now. >> they were racing around pylons and cross-country for speed those were really the equivalents-r to today's super l we have people like amelia erhardt coming coming to clevelandope to compete. >> imp did not know she was rigt here. >> she was yes. >> so it'sye no 1 >> 1964 was military are doing walking that began and 64re ands going on ever since. >> have you ever we walked yourself? >> nonno now somebody says the aire shows been around since 64 you don't need to go again i went to all of them is there anything new? >> that sure this year we will out of the us navy blue angels celebrating their anniversary
10:49 am
for clevelanders to see the fall rapture full rapture we will also have fle the 35 lightning t of people inhe enjoy this and recognize it for the first year in the circuit find and the circuit find on the heritage flighthe but if that was not enough the f-22 will join it t flying altogether the first civilian airshow in the us to have these all together. on the ground? >> yes we of 40 plans g from a used 17 to a world war 45 what is really cool as we will haveor the original batmobile from the 1966 toor be here is seriously will be on display.
10:50 am
botas the blue angels then read after that sing right after that you the crabbe sounds good. what is that going on? >> labor day weekend i which is september 345. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me.
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>> there's a pretty cool spot in liquid creating a buzz.c and saturday will find much more. >> you come here you can expect to pay see a high level of customer service. we definitely have a wide variety to choose from with a strong product knowledge we can tell you when this occurred to suit your needs
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to come in for a warm, inviting place very open and warm very brightm, this was modeled aftera hot club there is a lot of anti- antique the mother to it. it is very plush. this is the walking humidor and how we keep the cigars in shape for one. sometime in this room you could find a cigar for $3 you can find them from the dominican republic, y well. we are very proud to carry this they are very very well known very well constructed with the full-bodied cigars always a crowd pleaser it is one of the
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it comes up with the trade i did.f nine of them might actually make here in the house a bunch of different kinds starting outut i recommend this one that i make here. very traditional half-and-half mixturery or something as simple as a the ohio white brutally wih a light vanilla more into are the english mixtureses is something i make here has a lot of orientals to ita or something like cherry not which is ay full body english with a touch of louisiana to half we are a fun city is it
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>> located on riverside drive and lakewood in liquid opened every dayiv except monday. comg up on tomorrow's show an hour of the food we are celebrating cleveland iconic restaurant still in business and still here. a whole bunch of generations. on monday of sweet treats. from donuts to popcorn something to satisfy just about any craving. how delicious is that? it is them on the grill horrifying.
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>> oh yes. whatt did you think of my crab cracking skills? >> you know your crab. >> those were delicious too. she is that the parma location had there. >> so you like p the snow grabs are the king crabs? >> i like the snow because they theeasier to crack open sometimes a little sharper. crab over lobster have a good day we will s ee you at 4:00 p.
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